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Jul 20, 2011 5:00pm EDT
tabloid. others include rebekah brookes, another former editor of the news of the world and the continued issue of alleged payments to police for information. >> police corruption must be routed out. >> reporter: rupert murdoch's, the ceo of news corp, the parent company of fox news on tuesday as part of the investigation. apologizes for the tabloid's mistakes and two to the victims. >> let me be clear in saying invading people's fiveacy by listening to the voice mail is wrong. >> reporter: some political experts say this emergency session of parliament was to an extent, really, about the prime minister's reputation. a strategic session as parliament departs for six weeks of summer vacation. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> do you want to know again that news corp is the parent company of fox 5. >>> birth control for women could be free. a medical panel recommended the government require health insurance companies to cover birth control as preventive care without copayments. not everyone supports the plan. kelly joins us tonight. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >
Jul 18, 2011 5:00pm EDT
must go where jeff the evidence leaves. >> reporter: rebekah brooks, the former editor and until recently scenor -- senior executive also arrested over the weekend. >> they put no allegations to her and showed her no documents connecting her with any crime. >> reporter: rupert murdoch, who runs news corp ray, the parent company of fox news and his son james, as well as rebekah brookes will is the before a parliamentary panel tomorrow as british lawmakers try to get to the bottom of the hacking allegations. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> and news corp is the parent company of fox 5. >>> a murder indictment could come this week against a man accused of kidnapping and dismembering a eight-year-old brooklyn boy. police are still removing evidence the-from-the suspect's home. ty wa chang has more on this. ty wa? >> reporter: 30, a half hour ago, the lawyers reprinting them. after talking to the client. they said he still hears voices and tries to drown them out by listening to music. the two lawyers hired by his family went to the central control psychiatric ward of bellevue hos
Jul 13, 2011 5:00pm EDT
chief executive rebecca brooks have been asked to appear before british lawmakers to answer questions about the phone hacking allegations. >>> the girlfriend of accused boss mobster whitey bulger will remain in jail. the judge delayed ruling on whether to release catherine grieg. she didn't have going to do with the violent crimes bulger is accused of doing. the attorney wants more time to prove she's not a flight ridiculous. >>> the founder of wiki leaks is in a court to fight extradition to sweden. he's being held in london on charges of rape and molesting a. the lawyers argue that the charges are not backed up by witness tell. assange is under investigation in the u.s. lawmakers want to know if he committed a crime when his website published thousands of secret u.s. documents. >>> coming up on fox 5 news at 5, wicked weather sweeping across our region now. when will the skies clear? gary is look at what is on tap for tonight. next.  . >> the body of former first lady betty ford is on the way to michigan for another private service. she was escorted out of
Jul 14, 2011 5:00pm EDT
: rupert murdoch is chairman, the former company of this network. rebecca brookes, now chief executive at "news international," agreeing to face the media panel on tuesday. and local government officials calling for anyone involved to face the music. >> the senior executives of an organization, the center of the firestom, are very, very serious allegations and one illegality and a i moral behavior should make themselves available for questioning. >> reporter: reporters at "news of the world" accused of illegally hacking into voice mail and paying off police for information and alleged victims include former prime minister gordon brown and staff members of the royal family. the fbi will investigate whether victims of 9/11 fell prey. >> would be horrifying for the families who have gone through so much and secly, a violation of u.s. law. >> reporter: neal wallace, now the 9th person to be arrested in connection with the phone- hacking story. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> news corp is the parent company of fox 5. >>> and a mix of anger and sadness. ind. >> deals with another terror st
Jul 19, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. brooks, that she talked to mr. murdoch. rupert murdoch's testimony was like he was not up on the day- to-day operations. do you think that was by design? >> i think it was by design. from what i observed, he needs to pick a style. is gee he going to be the daughtering, you know, aging patriarch of the obligation or is he going to be the sharp hands-on person who was misled. i think he has to pick a role and stick with it. i think he varied today back and forth. i think he needs to be more consistent. >> we heard apologies from human rupert murdoch and james murdoch and rebecca -- rebekah brookes today. is that enough? i think for now that has to be enough. i think they have to be careful, again, look at the legal rammings of things. today's hearings -- hearings was not about getting to the bottom of anything or fact finding but in uppings. the members of parliament for a lot of sleight and insult, that rupert murdoch's organization has heaped urk pone over the years, that is coming home and i think this is their day to get even and it was more about come uppings than anything else. >> th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5